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She’s hacked through jungles of wordiness with her machete and killed dangling participles with her bare hands. Is she a superhero? Quite possibly. Safe to say no normal person is this interested in grammar.

Cosmic Origins

This blog owes a large debt to the brilliant Karen Elizabeth Gordon, author of The Deluxe Transitive Vampire, The New Well-Tempered Sentence, and other whimsical and funny books on grammar, punctuation, and word usage. It was also inspired by my Grade 9 English teacher, Mr. Recker, whose worksheets included sentences like “The wind gusted strongly, and dandruff soon filled the driveway.”

You and Whose Dictionary? A Note on Sources

Most of the information presented here was lifted from the Canadian Oxford English Dictionary and the Chicago Manual of Style. I live in Canada, so my blog is slanted toward Canadian usage; however, US and British usages are usually included, since Canadian style is an unholy mixture of the two.

My Qualifications, or Why Should You Believe a Word I Say?

  • I am the kind of card-carrying grammar nerd who reads usage manuals for fun.
  • I currently edit several blogs and Web sites, including The Nature of Movement. Contact me at for rates.
  • I’ve completed editing courses from Simon Fraser University’s Writing and Publishing Program, and I have a BA in English literature from Reed College, which I’ve successfully parlayed into a long-term career as an underpaid bookstore clerk.

More, More!

You can find more of my writing, grammar-related and otherwise, at blue cat blog and at


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